Coming To Our Senses

What if our wish for peace and happiness in this life is weak? What if our afflictions and attachments are stronger? How do we shift our focus and strengthen our wish for liberation from suffering? How do we "wake up?." 

What I mean by "waking up" is that we make a conscious commitment to live life from a place of essence rather than drama. We use our creative power to experience and share a life of ease and grace versus stress and fear.  This requires trust in something larger than our individual "self." It asks us to open ourselves to the bigger picture and to see and sense the interconnectedness of all things.

When we are caught in the struggle of push and pull, trying to control everything, we are over identified with a "separate self" and we suffer greatly. Our freedom exists beyond this struggle. It sparkles in the moments when we can accept reality as it is and be "at one" with the essential beauty of life.

One way to cultivate this is through our senses. When we find pleasure in life we feel nourished and grateful which helps us calm down and open up in ways that are in service to everyone's peace and happiness. 

Everyday, we can choose to pause and find pleasure in life. With practice, we can learn to live from our essence and be free.



Savor.... a bright, tangy-sweet orange slice,  a warm, delicate cup of tea,  a decadent piece of chocolate cake, a fresh, bountiful salad.


Breathe in.... the scent of coffee brewing in the morning, clean laundry fresh from the dryer, dinner cooking on the stove.


Listen to.... the song of the morning birds, the wind in the trees, a child's laughter, your own breathing.


Feel.... the comfort of a soft blanket, a warmth a cozy fire, the soothing of your lovers caress, the raindrops or snow flakes on your cheeks.


See.... the beautiful colors of the sunset, the smile of a stranger, the light coming through the window, the full moon's glow. 













Giving Way

The last little bits of day
Dying down
Giving way
To this quiet corner of twilight.
Say hello to the soft night
Make peace
with all that's come before.
The sky opens up a door
Into the listening of a mystery.
You and me...
We are not so different
From the same light
we find our glint.
Sparkling night lark
sings to the morning dove
My love, my love... 
You are a tender terror
too good to not be true.
I look at you and see
what was never missing
And kiss the ground
For what is found....
Never forgotten.


Notice. Open. Wait....


"When I look at my habits as practices, as something I am teaching myself, instead of a fatal flaw that I can never change, I create enough space to identify what I am doing that doesn't feel nourishing. Then, if I choose to, I can move into the mood of being a creator, of shaping my life." ~ Jennifer Louden

Think of the last time you found yourself in one of your not so healthy habits or patterns. You know....those behaviors that leave you feeling out of whack afterwards. Activities like negative self-talk, overeating, gossiping, or binge shopping.

Take a few moments to recall your most recent habitual experience. As you bring the experience to mind, slow it down and see what you can remember. Notice what may have happened right before you engaged the habit/pattern. What particular circumstances, timing, thoughts or feelings were you experiencing? Write down what comes to your mind. If you're feeling creative, you can draw or doodle what you remember as well. Be curious and lighthearted in your approach.  Allow yourself the time and space to gently explore what is there. Then, ask yourself "What did I really need/want in that moment right before I engaged the habit/pattern?" And again, take some time to write and/or draw what comes to you.  Your answers and insights will point you to a new intention and practice that will help you stay connected to N.O.W. and align you with your deeper intentions.

For instance, let's say your habit is to over indulge on sweets. You notice that it usually happens late at night when you're feeling tired and bored, maybe even a little lonely. When you ask yourself what you really need/want in that moment you realize that what you want most is to feel joy and comfort. So then you ask yourself, "What resource(s) can I call on to help me connect with a sense of joy and comfort? Perhaps it's listening to some beautiful, soothing music or wrapping yourself in your favorite soft blanket or going outside and looking up at the starry night sky. Whatever it may be, it can become a powerful tool for change.

So, when you feel yourself about to drift into the old pattern, you can stay in the N.O.W. by noticing what your feeling and experiencing, opening to the moment by taking a few conscious deep breaths, and waiting in a gentle pause for the unconscious impulse to pass.  Then you can bring in a chosen resource to help meet your deeper need/desire in a positive way.

As a powerful agent of positive change, here are some additional wonder questions you can ask yourself :

  • Is this moving me towards what I want most?

  • What is calling to be loved, forgiven, appreciated, or released?

  • Am I willing to experience my personal growth in a friendly way?


Do One Thing Differently Each Day.


Switch it up.

Optimize your aliveness.

Do one thing differently today...and every day!

  • Get out of bed in an unusual way
  • Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand
  • Take a different route to work
  • Walk backwards
  • Try skipping instead of walking (maybe not backwards though....that might be tricky)


Routines are good. They offer structure and rhythm to the complexity of our daily lives, which is necessary to keep us feeling focused and grounded. But if we are always performing predictable patterns we lose that sense of fresh, authentic connection with ourselves and our lives. In order to keep life feeling rich and vital we need to stay flexible and curious.  One simple yet powerful way to do this is to switch things up.

Our  conscious "thinking mind" loves to create and follow routines and patterns. That's one of the things it does best. It creates very useful patterns that help us move through life efficiently and effectively. It's also responsible for creating not so useful patterns that turn into the limiting habits and beliefs that cut us off from the pure joy and wonder of being alive. When we interrupt a groove or pattern and simple do something in a new or unusual way we strengthen the neuroplasticity of our brains which allows our attention to move more freely and intuitively, opening us to greater possibilities. Choosing something "neutral" like brushing your teeth with the opposite hand is a gentle way to engage the creative unconscious level of the mind. It is at this level of the mind that the transformation of more charged or troublesome patterns can occur. When we get off the hamster wheel of our conscious "thinking mind", even for a moment, we begin to open up new channels of possibility in our consciousness, redirecting our focus to create positive change.

The work of personal growth and healing doesn't need to be intense in order to be effective.  Profound change can happen in very simple, humble ways.

May we loosen the grip of past conditioning by doing one simple thing differently each day and open more and more to the fresh flow of life.

Much love,



Sit or lay quietly in a comfortable position. Gently close your eyes. Begin to draw your awareness to your breath. With each natural inhalation and exhalation notice the subtle rise and fall of your belly and chest. Just like soft waves rolling in the ocean, your breath finds it's natural flow. In....and.....out....Allowing each cycle of breath to take you deeper and deeper into a state of peaceful relaxation. Turning your awareness inward now as you sense the busyness of the mind dissolving.  And you can imagine now that any and all thoughts just float by like bubbles on the surface of the water, carried away by the current of the ocean. Drifting away on the breath.

Now as you continue to breathe in your own natural rhythm, imagine yourself lying on the warm sand of a beautiful secluded beach. Looking up into a big blue cloudless sky focus all of your awareness there. As you take in the image of this spacious sky and feel the warm soft support of the sand beneath you, allow your whole being to open to the sensations of peace and calm and space. Feel your open mind and the open sky as one and breathe into it. Riding the gentle waves of your breath, breathing into this beautiful blue sky of your mind. Feeling so relaxed, so peaceful...that you cannot tell if the sky is in your mind or your mind is in the sky.  Relax and alert as you open to the sensations of peace and calm and space....within...and without.  Feeling....breathing...opening...resting in the wide open sky.

Pausing here for a moment to absorb this new awareness. Knowing that at any moment throughout your day to day life, you can tune into your breath and instantly feel your thoughts drift away to reveal the clear blue sky of your mind. Calm and peaceful and spacious.

Now slowly releasing the image of beach, ocean and sky and gently bringing your awareness back to your breath and your body. Returning to the room and when you feel ready, gently opening your eyes....feeling mentally alert and physically refreshed.