Sit or lay quietly in a comfortable position. Gently close your eyes. Begin to draw your awareness to your breath. With each natural inhalation and exhalation notice the subtle rise and fall of your belly and chest. Just like soft waves rolling in the ocean, your breath finds it's natural flow. In....and.....out....Allowing each cycle of breath to take you deeper and deeper into a state of peaceful relaxation. Turning your awareness inward now as you sense the busyness of the mind dissolving.  And you can imagine now that any and all thoughts just float by like bubbles on the surface of the water, carried away by the current of the ocean. Drifting away on the breath.

Now as you continue to breathe in your own natural rhythm, imagine yourself lying on the warm sand of a beautiful secluded beach. Looking up into a big blue cloudless sky focus all of your awareness there. As you take in the image of this spacious sky and feel the warm soft support of the sand beneath you, allow your whole being to open to the sensations of peace and calm and space. Feel your open mind and the open sky as one and breathe into it. Riding the gentle waves of your breath, breathing into this beautiful blue sky of your mind. Feeling so relaxed, so peaceful...that you cannot tell if the sky is in your mind or your mind is in the sky.  Relax and alert as you open to the sensations of peace and calm and space....within...and without.  Feeling....breathing...opening...resting in the wide open sky.

Pausing here for a moment to absorb this new awareness. Knowing that at any moment throughout your day to day life, you can tune into your breath and instantly feel your thoughts drift away to reveal the clear blue sky of your mind. Calm and peaceful and spacious.

Now slowly releasing the image of beach, ocean and sky and gently bringing your awareness back to your breath and your body. Returning to the room and when you feel ready, gently opening your eyes....feeling mentally alert and physically refreshed.