Do One Thing Differently Each Day.


Switch it up.

Optimize your aliveness.

Do one thing differently today...and every day!

  • Get out of bed in an unusual way
  • Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand
  • Take a different route to work
  • Walk backwards
  • Try skipping instead of walking (maybe not backwards though....that might be tricky)


Routines are good. They offer structure and rhythm to the complexity of our daily lives, which is necessary to keep us feeling focused and grounded. But if we are always performing predictable patterns we lose that sense of fresh, authentic connection with ourselves and our lives. In order to keep life feeling rich and vital we need to stay flexible and curious.  One simple yet powerful way to do this is to switch things up.

Our  conscious "thinking mind" loves to create and follow routines and patterns. That's one of the things it does best. It creates very useful patterns that help us move through life efficiently and effectively. It's also responsible for creating not so useful patterns that turn into the limiting habits and beliefs that cut us off from the pure joy and wonder of being alive. When we interrupt a groove or pattern and simple do something in a new or unusual way we strengthen the neuroplasticity of our brains which allows our attention to move more freely and intuitively, opening us to greater possibilities. Choosing something "neutral" like brushing your teeth with the opposite hand is a gentle way to engage the creative unconscious level of the mind. It is at this level of the mind that the transformation of more charged or troublesome patterns can occur. When we get off the hamster wheel of our conscious "thinking mind", even for a moment, we begin to open up new channels of possibility in our consciousness, redirecting our focus to create positive change.

The work of personal growth and healing doesn't need to be intense in order to be effective.  Profound change can happen in very simple, humble ways.

May we loosen the grip of past conditioning by doing one simple thing differently each day and open more and more to the fresh flow of life.

Much love,