Coming To Our Senses

What if our wish for peace and happiness in this life is weak? What if our afflictions and attachments are stronger? How do we shift our focus and strengthen our wish for liberation from suffering? How do we "wake up?." 

What I mean by "waking up" is that we make a conscious commitment to live life from a place of essence rather than drama. We use our creative power to experience and share a life of ease and grace versus stress and fear.  This requires trust in something larger than our individual "self." It asks us to open ourselves to the bigger picture and to see and sense the interconnectedness of all things.

When we are caught in the struggle of push and pull, trying to control everything, we are over identified with a "separate self" and we suffer greatly. Our freedom exists beyond this struggle. It sparkles in the moments when we can accept reality as it is and be "at one" with the essential beauty of life.

One way to cultivate this is through our senses. When we find pleasure in life we feel nourished and grateful which helps us calm down and open up in ways that are in service to everyone's peace and happiness. 

Everyday, we can choose to pause and find pleasure in life. With practice, we can learn to live from our essence and be free.



Savor.... a bright, tangy-sweet orange slice,  a warm, delicate cup of tea,  a decadent piece of chocolate cake, a fresh, bountiful salad.


Breathe in.... the scent of coffee brewing in the morning, clean laundry fresh from the dryer, dinner cooking on the stove.


Listen to.... the song of the morning birds, the wind in the trees, a child's laughter, your own breathing.


Feel.... the comfort of a soft blanket, a warmth a cozy fire, the soothing of your lovers caress, the raindrops or snow flakes on your cheeks.


See.... the beautiful colors of the sunset, the smile of a stranger, the light coming through the window, the full moon's glow.