Living a life that is truly nourishing and fulfilling requires that we learn to trust the wisdom of our hearts to lead the way. This applies to everything from the thoughts we think, to the foods we eat, and everything in between. Ultimately, it is about living for LOVE, and making that the core intention of our lives. 


How i support... 

I work with you to enhance your capacity to live well and thrive. Through the use of healthy nourishment support, mindfulness practices, and intuitive life coaching I help you align with your innate wisdom and wholeness as the guiding force of your life. As you cultivate and strengthen this awareness it can result in habit change, stress reduction, enhanced vitality, creative fulfillment, improved relationships, spiritual and personal growth. By clarifying your goals and desires, making new discoveries about yourself and developing effective tools and resources you can begin to relax more into a deeply nourishing way of life. The journey begins with learning to trust ourselves and is fueled by our compassion and curiosity all along the way.


My background...

  • B.A. in Women's Studies - University of Arizona.
  • Author of Nourished. The Art of Eating and Living Well.
  • Owner of Luna's Kitchen - Health Supportive Private Cooking and Lifestyle Consulting.
  • Trained in Hypnotherapy - Ashland School of Hypnotherapy.
  • Certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.
  • Student and Practitioner of Buddhism under the tutelage of Lama Mira Kingsley. 


What people are saying...

  • "Her work is very soft and gentle yet carries a powerful result in the delayed reaction of the deep work that takes place. Luna is stealth in her approach, unassuming at first but not to be undervalued as she carries wisdom beyond her years."  ~ Christopher Warren
  • I have experienced straight up miracles in my life as a direct result of the sessions I've done with Luna.  From resolved physical issues to healed relationships, she creates a super powerful and transformative container for me to address my blocks, limiting beliefs and unwanted patterns. Her approach is playful, generous, deeply supportive and full of genius. She is a true ally in creating the life you want; when working with her, you'll have the sense of being in great hands as she expertly guides you in the direction of your dreams!   ~ Safia Ohlson

  • One of Luna's greatest gifts is her capacity to deeply listen and reflect back the nature of the work you are expressing. She is both supportive and skillful in her interactions and quickly intuits the heart of Your matter.  She has the ability to create of a very safe space for your connection to occur and resources to flower.  ~ Cyndi Grewe