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Shifting from striving to thriving...

Living a life of true sustenance takes patience and practice. For each of us, our connection with food and diet is very personal. It can be a source of comfort, pleasure and vitality as well as a source of stress, addiction and confusion. Learning to develop a healthy relationship with food is an essential ingredient to living a life of thriving. This doesn't necessarily mean vilifying all our supposed vices and "guilty pleasures", but rather refining our understanding of what is truly nourishing for us, moment by moment and then making choices accordingly.  This requires some compassion and curiosity. When we slow down enough to listen and pay attention we can discover what is needed to relax into life....just as it is. Then, from that energy of ease and acceptance, we are better able to practice the art of thriving, make good choices and live each day into our wholeness.


It's a delicious life-long journey and I am here to assist you along the way.


What ingredients do you need in order to live your most nourishing life? Let's create a recipe that's just right for you!


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 Click to order Luna's cookbook

Click to order Luna's cookbook

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”
— -Dalai Lama