8 Best Rated Anger Management Classes (With Reviews): Online & Court Approved

anger management courses

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What Is The Best Therapy for Anger Management?

If you are looking for the best anger management classes, we’ve gathered 8 options that you can choose from – we’ve included prices and reviews about them, so you can easily find the most suitable solution for yourself. 

It’s not a secret that anger management classes have been used as a solution for this mental health issue, alongside cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, and play and group therapy. 

While a lot of people have heard the term “anger management”, not many know what anger management classes actually involve. In this article, we are looking into the specifics of what anger management classes are and if they are effective. We will also go through the 5 most reviewed anger management classes out there.

Are anger management classes effective?

According to the research, anger management classes are typically effective in treating anger-related issues. These classes can help people learn how to acknowledge their angry feelings and deal with the arising emotions. 

In addition, it is known that anger management classes can help people learn coping skills that allow them to manage stressful situations much better in the future. 

What are signs of anger issues?

While anger is a normal basic emotion, sometimes it can get a little out of hand. If you find yourself having any of the following signs, you might want to consider enrolling in an anger management class:

  • You are angry for long periods of time and it is hard to switch your focus once you are angry
  • You can feel that your anger is out of control
  • You are hurting others (physically or verbally)
  • You often regret something that you said or did when you were angry
  • You notice that small things can make you angry

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How do I know if I need anger management?

As we mentioned before, anger is a normal reaction when it is expressed in an appropriate way and is not making your life harder. Sometimes people tend to suppress anger and when it is left unexpressed, anger outbursts can hurt people around us. 

Look out for any of the following behaviors that could indicate anger control issues. 

Physical Signs

Very often people unknowingly give in to some physical responses when they are angry and this is a sign of built-up anger. You might be raising your voice, or pacing, or doing a lot of hand gestures when talking about a particular stressful topic. 

Emotional Signs

If you are struggling with anger management issues, you can be very easily irritable, anxious, or sad at times. Look out for any unusually obvious emotions that get in your way and try to understand what is your body telling you. 

When you express anger and it gets out of control, very often, there is a feeling of guilt that is building up inside of you. Typically, people tend to self-isolate themselves “not to harm anyone”, which can eventually lead to “victim” behavior. 

Substance Abuse

People with anger management can turn to substance abuse in an attempt to numb their feelings. Yet, the situation can easily get out of control, as alcohol sometimes makes people more aggressive. 

Relationship problems

Naturally, people do not like being around an aggressive and angry person. Just like this, people with anger management issues can find themselves having a hard time building a stable relationship.

How much does anger therapy cost?

Anger management classes costs vary: for group therapy, you can expect to pay somewhere between $20 – $50 per session. 

If you prefer to pay weekly, many anger management websites offer their services for anywhere from $25 to $175. We will discuss specific prices later in the article. 

Court approved Anger Management classes

Court Ordered Classes – $35

anger management courses

Court Ordered Classes offer state-approved “in-person” anger management treatment course. It claims to be the first and only nationally approved program that is available online. This course can be applied for a court order or for an employer’s request for anger management. 

These online anger management courses can help you to learn the coping skills to deal with your emotions in a stress-free and self-paced environment. 

The Anger Managers – $200

anger management courses

The Anger Managers is another court-approved anger management course. They offer anger management programs as well as anger management counseling services. 

Their Anger Management Program consists out of 8 to 10 sessions with a psychoeducational program that is delivered by a mental health professional. The program is satisfactory for court order purposes. 

Anger Management Online – $65 – $150

anger management courses

Anger Management Online has been offering online anger management classes since 2002. These classes are good for courts, probation departments, human resource requests, and self-improvement. 

Held by a licensed psychotherapist, anger management courses are tailored to meet legal and self-improvement goals. 

Anger management classes for youth

Growing up is not easy and can pose big challenges before a child. Sometimes, emotions can take over and children do not know how to control their anger. However, thanks to anger management classes for teens and kids, this problem can be solved. 

When a child learns how to control their anger and stay calm in stressful situations, it can be a very powerful skill that can help them in their life. Check out the Care website for more information. 

5 Best Anger Management Classes Reviewed

We’ve gathered the best anger management classes based on their ratings. Read further to choose the best option that suits your budget and goals.

Online-Therapy.com – $31.96 – $63.96

anger management courses

Online-therapy.com is a website that helps people to deal with a number of mental health issues, including anger management. As a bonus, this website’s anger management classes are also approved by many courts, but you need to double-check with your local one.

According to their website, online-therapy.com offers top-quality therapy and a number of materials that can help improve your quality of life. For instance, they are offering an activity plan, various worksheets, and a journal to help you work through your problems and stay motivated at the same time. 

Online-therapy.com methods are based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, which has proved very effective in helping people control their anger. 

You can choose between three different plans based on your needs and budget:

Basic – $31.96/week: You have access to 25 worksheets and daily communication with a therapist (Monday – Friday). In addition, you can get a self-guided therapy consisting of 8 different modules. This plan also includes meditation, yoga, tests, journals, an activity plan, and videos. 

Standard – $47.96/week: You get everything that is offered in the Basic Plan, and a live chat with a therapist every week as well as therapist messaging at any time. 

Premium – $63.96/week: You get everything that is included in the Standard Plan, plus express replies from your therapist. 

Open Path – $17 – $115

anger management courses

Open Path is offering 8 different anger management courses (ranging anywhere from 4 to 52 hours). According to their website, their anger management courses should meet court approval and they offer downloadable certificates (you can get a hard copy, as well). 

Open Path’s anger management courses cover a lot of information, starting with what anger looks and feels like and how to deal with anger in your life. You can learn how to increase your emotional intelligence to be able to enjoy life and healthy relationships once again. 

Open Path charges a one-time registration fee of $4.99 in addition to the course fee, which can vary from $17 – $115, depending on the number of hours you take. 

Betterhelp – $60 – $90

anger management courses

Betterhelp is an online therapy website that offers treatment for a number of mental issues, which also include anger management problems. They are not the best solution for court-ordered anger management classes, yet, they are perfect if you are looking to take control of your life and improve your anger management abilities. 

With 21,000 licensed professionals that are ready to help, Betterhelp offers therapy through live chat sessions, messaging, and video sessions. 

Anger management courses at Betterhelp will cost you around $60 – $90 per week depending on the level of subscription. 

Anger Management Training Institute – $85 – $100

anger management courses

The Anger Management Institute offers online anger management courses that have their roots in the book by James A. Baker, “The Anger Busting Workbook.” You can choose from 8 hour, 16 hour, or 24-hour anger management classes, as well as purchase hard copies of the workbook. 

Some of the methods used in these courses involve trigger identification, boundaries setting, and putting a halt to the anger cycle. The prices for anger management courses range from $85 to $100 depending on the number of hours. 

The Logan Group Int – $59.95 – $159.95

The Logan Group Int. is a website that offers a number of courses that help people deal with problems such as drug and alcohol addiction or shoplifting. They also offer anger management courses that range from 9 to 52 hours ($24.95 to $159.95). 

They also have more regular programs, where you’d pay weekly for 12,24,26,36, and 52 weeks. Prices vary from $59.95 to $159.95 for their weekly courses. 

Logan Group Int’s anger management courses and self-paced and can be accepted by courts, schools and employers. 


If you are finding yourself struggling to control your anger, potentially damaging relationships with your close ones, and having problems at work because of your emotions, you might want to look into anger management courses. 

They are a proven method to help you navigate the road to a calm and happy life with effective methods, based on some of the world’s most popular therapies.