Cord Cutting Meditation: How Does It Work?

cord cutting meditation

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What is a cord cutting meditation?

A cord cutting meditation is an energy purifying process wherein you can cut energy-based ties that you may have created with somebody. 

Every single time that you associate and engage with another human entity, you form cords of an energetic nature between you and that individual, regardless of whether it was a brief interaction or a deep bond.

Building new relationships can be rewarding and heartwarming but could possibly end up being a source of misery as well. If the individual that you created the energetic cords with has a negative outlook and is draining, your energy could end up leaking to them without you even having to be around each other after the original interaction. 

As social beings, we can end up having energetic cords with all sorts of people. Starting off with parents, friends, partners, ex-partners, and colleagues, etc. Just as you can leak your energy to another individual, they can leak their energy onto you as well. There is no way of knowing what energies you have absorbed and actualized within yourself until you cut the cords! That is where cutting the cord meditation comes in, as a tool to cut these draining energetic cords. 

What are the benefits of cord cutting meditation?

Regular practice of cord cutting meditation can improve your entire being significantly. 

Cord cutting meditation has the power of:

  • healing you physically
  • rebalancing your energy
  • harmonizing relationships
  • holistically improving your life situation – especially if you are severely affected by certain relationships and engagements that have been consistently draining you of positive energy.  

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How does cord cutting meditation work?

cord cutting meditation

Cord cutting meditation starts with making yourself comfortable. Once comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breath and slow it down. Focus on these steps and get into a meditative state:

  1. Once you are in a meditative state and comfortable, you can go ahead and invite a guide that you would feel secure with – whether that be god, an angel that you believe in, the power of the universe, or your inner pure self. 
  2. The guide you invite will be assisting you by cutting the cords on your behalf. Request your guide to progress smoothly and swiftly across your list of undesirable energetic cords and request that they cut those cords with ease and grace. 
  3. You could internally voice something like “I humbly request you to cut these cords now.”
  4. By doing this regularly, you will feel a heavy burden lifted off your shoulders. Your overall state will end up improving and you will feel happier and re-energized. 

In the long term, you will witness an energy change within yourself that you may not have even imagined at the start. 

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How do you cut cords with someone and release emotional attachments?

The foundation for an emotional attachment-specific cutting the cord meditation relaxation. You could ease stress with a relaxing bath or some breathwork before the cord-cutting meditation to release emotional attachment. Once ready, close your eyes, get comfortable and start focusing on your breath.

Start scanning across your body to identify areas of unease and discomfort. Request for the emotional attachment energy cords to be revealed to you in white light by the guide you have invited. Once you have identified the areas of discomfort and located the cords, be sure to take the time to be grateful and show gratitude towards those attachments that have surely taught you a few lessons in life.

Visualize the cords of emotional attachment being cut through smoothly and dissolved into the white light that helped you identify its location. Let the white light now spread and expand its healing power across your entire body and rid you of any of the residues of the emotional attachment. Experience oneness with yourself and feel the heavy burden lifted off your shoulders.

Surrender in gratitude for having been unchained for the discomforting emotional attachment. Spread your gratitude across the locations of the cords, with the individual, location, or object the emotional attachment originated from. Feel the positive vibrations within you vibrate higher with every bit of energy and positive light you share outward. 

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The foundation of cord cutting meditation remains the same across all different types of exercises targeting various energy-draining issues. Cutting cords to toxic relationships, relationship cord cutting meditation and cutting energy cords with ex are just some examples of how cutting the cord meditation can be tailored to one’s personal situation. 

No matter what situation you find yourself in, take the time to relax, focus on yourself and your breath to identify cords that are draining you and work on them today. Cutting those cords might be the best thing to happen to you to get your life moving further in the right direction. Sincerity and mindset are key.